Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is Core to
Who We Are and Everything We Do

Fostering a family culture of care, trust, respect and inclusion is vital to the success of our people. We win only when each of us makes diversity, equity and inclusion a priority. We amplify innovation and create exceptional customer experiences by cultivating an inclusive environment and growing team diversity. That way we all can contribute, thrive and win together.

We have added ‘Equity’ to our Diversity and Inclusion mandate as now, more than ever, a spotlight on Equity is required. Equity is about addressing and removing individual and systemic barriers. It is about making sure nothing irrelevant gets in the way. We are addressing all these areas to drive greater change towards advancing an inclusive culture in our organization and to better support our communities.

In recent years, our efforts have been focused on the advancement of women at all levels of our organization. While we are proud of the progress we have made towards this goal, more work is required to realize the full benefits of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This will require a transition beyond a programmatic approach to a cultural transformation where
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is integrated into everything we do.

For the next phase of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, we will continue our work on gender diversity, while expanding our focus on providing a fair, equitable and inclusive environment for everyone. This includes implementing a broader diversity mandate for selecting the best talent and addressing bias in behaviours, systems and processes. To hold ourselves accountable, we will evaluate and annually report on measures for inclusion, diversity and their impacts (for example: inclusion index and organizational diversity).

Pharmacists talking together while looking at a paper Pharmacists talking together while looking at a paper

Attract, Retain and Engage the Best Talent

We continue to build our capability to attract and retain the best talent through ongoing advancements in systems and best practices and in providing tools that better enable our teammates to thrive and collaborate.

Two women in an office placing files on a shelf. Two women in an office placing files on a shelf.

Leverage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to Amplify Innovation

We amplify innovation through building a diverse and inclusive workforce. In a diverse workforce, individuals enabled with the right tools in an inclusive environment are proven to enhance innovation and drive higher performance and business results.

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