Environmental Management
Environmental Management

Why It Matters

We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts to ensure we are using resources sustainably and reducing waste. These efforts protect the communities where our teammates, customers and partners live and work. They also contribute to our progress in reducing climate-related impacts throughout our supply chain while delivering sustainable products and services to our customers.

Fiscal 2023 Performance Highlight

Earth Day Canada

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Our Approach

In fiscal 2022 we developed a new Environmental Policy that confirms our business commitment to protecting the environment. The policy, aligned with the ISO 14001:2015 standard, recognizes global environmental challenges and their relevance to our business, as well as the imperative to act.

It addresses key impact areas defined by our materiality assessment and includes climate change, energy management, food waste, plastics and packaging, and ethical and sustainable sourcing.

To deliver on OurPartTM to protect the environment for future generations, we’ve set targets in material areas of environmental impact within our business (see Food Waste, Climate Action, Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing).

As stated in our Environmental Policy, at minimum we aim to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and to demonstrate due diligence in the protection of the environment. Given the national reach of our operations, we keep up to date with all new, emerging and existing environmental regulations across all three levels of government in Canada. We participate in several industry-wide working committees, including the Retail Council of Canada’s Working Committees on Extended Producer Responsibility/Stewardship and Plastics and other working groups.

In addition to our Environmental Policy, we have developed policies related to reducing environmental impacts in our supply chain. For example, over the past year, we’ve updated our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (initially adopted in 2016), to advance our commitment to source 100 per cent physical trace certified sustainable palm oil by 2025 for our Own Brands products. Over the coming year, we will focus on developing protein-specific guidelines for the ethical treatment of livestock.

We also have a robust waste management approach, ensuring all parts of our business are working to reduce waste while also dealing with it responsibly. Learn more about our Waste Management Program.

Environmental management Environment management


Using Water Responsibly

As part of an ongoing pilot project in select Sobeys stores in Alberta, we have installed Ecolab low-flow aerators in high water-use areas. Each sink aerator can save one gallon of water per minute, while spray-valve units can save 1.15 gallons per minute. In a similar initiative, we have partnered with Clēan Works to trial a new, ozone-based produce sanitization process that can eliminate water use from produce sanitization while ensuring our fruits and vegetables are safe for customers.

Using Water Responsibly Using Water Responsibly

Building Green Champions

Our Longo’s team recently piloted a new sustainability training and engagement program called Green Champions. Through the program, teammates build their knowledge about sustainability, explore ways to protect the environment and learn how to influence and drive change in their store. The online training program teaches teammates about the company’s sustainability commitments and how they can be part of achieving them. We aim to expand the program to both office and frontline teammates across our store network over the coming years.

Building Green Champions Building Green Champions


The Green Champions Program has helped to reinforce what I already knew, taught me a lot about what I needed to know, and given me the drive to more meaningfully advocate and contribute. There are many good initiatives in place, but there is much more to do and together is the best way to do it.”

Michael Guanti, Grocery Assistant Department Manager, Longo’s

Michael Guanti, Grocery Assistant Department Manager, Longo’s
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Our approach to environmental management contributes to our Climate Action Plan and connects with our energy management initiatives.

As a family nurturing families, we want to ensure Canadians are taken care of today, tomorrow and in the future. By doing OurPart™ for the environment, we hope to inspire our customers to do theirs. Every step we take together—big or small—can make a difference.

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