Food Plate
Food Plate

Why It Matters

We’re always working hard to make it easier for our customers to make healthier and more nutritious choices, helping to nurture healthy bodies and minds across Canada. This approach fosters stronger and more resilient individuals and communities, helping everyone play their part to take on shared challenges and opportunities.

Our Approach

Along with our focus on customer experience and engagement and product quality and safety, our approach to health and nutrition is an important way we nurture our customers across Canada. It is also a cornerstone of our Community Investment Strategy, where we bring together our focus on nutritional expertise and long-standing community commitments to support healthy bodies and minds.

From a strategic and risk-management perspective, oversight of our health and nutrition work comes from our Board of Directors, Executive Committee and various senior leadership groups, including a cross-functional committee led by our Customer Experience Team and focused on the natural, organic and wellness products carried in our stores.

When we develop new products, we think about the kinds of transparency and assurance that are important to our customers—and then work hard to meet those expectations. Our commitment to customer health includes a focus on the nutritional quality of our Own Brands products and identifying and meeting emerging customer needs for plant-based proteins and other options that can be healthier and more sustainably produced. Investing to evolve and expand our Own Brands offerings is a priority under our current multi-year business strategy, Project Horizon (see About Us) .

All our Compliments products are designed to meet health and nutrition standards, such as Health Canada’s 2016 sodium guidelines . We also leverage internal standards around product

attributes such as flavours or colours. Great care goes into documenting and testing our products to ensure that product information is accurate and complete. Existing products go through external and internal third-party checks on a regular basis to ensure that they remain consistent over time.

We also work closely with our supplier partners when developing new Own Brands products to ensure third-party nutritional analysis is completed. Assessment for our certified organics range is even more rigorous, with all products in this category reviewed by a third-party governing body. Similar processes are in place to ensure all our Own Brands products meet or exceed standards for a range of requirements including gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher.

Health nutrition compliments Health nutrition compliments

The overall Compliments portfolio includes over 3,200 products to meet the nutritional and health needs of customers, including:

Compliments organic

Compliments Organic

Naturally delicious choices from fresh ingredients to convenient delights that are certified by Quality Assurance International.

Compliments naturally simple

Compliments Naturally Simple

We recently launched 24 chemical-free shrimp products under our Compliments Naturally Simple lineup, along with six plant-based products.

Compliments balance

Compliments Balance

Better-for-you products that have been evaluated by registered dietitians to help consumers achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Over time, we’re merging these products into the main Compliments brand as part of our commitment to make every one of our Own Brands products healthy and nutritious.

Compliments guten free

Compliments Gluten-Free

Certified gluten-free products that do not compromise on taste, texture or quality.

Compliments greencare

Compliments Greencare

A range of eco-friendly and family friendly household products that make it easy for consumers to make smart environmental decisions.

Health nutrition learn more

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Nurturing the health and nutrition of our customers and communities is part of our commitment to fostering healthy bodies and healthy minds.

As a family nurturing families, we want to ensure Canadians are taken care of today, tomorrow and in the future. By doing OurPart™ for the environment, we hope to inspire our customers to do theirs. Every step we take together—big or small—can make a difference.

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