Shopping Fairtrade just got easier with organic Fairtrade bananas now available coast to coast.

Why It Matters

We believe the people behind the products we sell deserve to be treated fairly and encouraged to use resources sustainably. As a national grocer and retailer, we’re committed to using our scale and influence responsibly, by taking steps to partner with our suppliers and source more products that fulfill the growing customer demand for ethical and sustainable products.

Fiscal 2022 Performance Highlight

95%+ of Own Brands seafood is sustainably sourced.

Our Approach

Our key focus areas on ethical and sustainable sourcing include:

Sustainable fairtrade


Animal welfare

Animal welfare

Sustainable seafood

Sustainable seafood

sustainable palm oil

Sustainable palm oil

Our strategy for each of these topics is based on a multi-phased approach that involves gathering data to gain a deeper understanding of our supply chain.

This helps us develop appropriate governance mechanisms and set ambitious yet achievable commitments with the aim of continuously improving our approach. To determine new directions and make progress, we engage closely with internal teams and external stakeholders, including suppliers, industry associations, NGOs, subject matter experts and academics.

In fiscal 2022 we faced several challenges with sustainable sourcing, including pork-processing labour shortages, increased costs for cage-free eggs, lack of sustainability certifications available for all seafood, and palm oil supply chain shortages. Our teams continue to work diligently with our supplier partners to address these challenges through a range of solutions, including finding alternative sources and continuing dialogue about the need for consistent standards.

We also worked in fiscal 2022 with functional teams across our business to develop an Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing Policy, setting out the minimum standards that we, as a business, require our supplier partners to meet for business ethics, labour, and human rights, as well as environmental, social and governance issues. This policy provides transparency about those expectations and reinforces our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices across our supply chain.

Over the past year, we’ve made progress across key product categories to enable more ethical and sustainable sourcing. Learn more about our Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing in Key Product Categories Fiscal 2022 Highlights.

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Our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing connects with our focus on building strong supplier partnerships and maintaining food quality and safety.

As a family nurturing families, we want to ensure Canadians are taken care of today, tomorrow and in the future. By doing OurPart™ for the environment, we hope to inspire our customers to do theirs. Every step we take together—big or small—can make a difference.

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